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This Site Is Under Construction!

"What can I tell you buddy. Take it up with Consumer Affairs..."

"We ask that you please bear with us!"

(Last update: December, 2018)

Nautilus Shell

In Work...

Implementing a Content Management System (CMS)...

I will be selecting a new CMS, probably WordPress with an appropriate theme. Still wading through all the choices, whew.

Apps Under Development...

EQTrace (v1.0.0.0)

The Earthquake Trace app is currently working in Version 1.0. I am in the process of creating a Progressive Web Application (PWA) from the EQTrace app. To meet the PWA standard, I'm using Google Lighthouse to generate a site evaluation.

EuroWars (v0.1)

The EuroWars web App is currently under development in Version 0.

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