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"What can I tell you buddy. Take it up with Consumer Affairs..."

"We ask that you please bear with us!"

(Last update: February, 2019)

Nautilus Shell

Implementing a Content Management System (CMS)...

I will be selecting a new CMS, probably WordPress with an appropriate theme. Still wading through all the choices, whew.


EQTrace (v1.0.0.0)

The EQTrace app is currently available as a Windows 10 Progressive Web Application (PWA) in the Microsoft Store. Click the link below to go to its Store location, then click the Install button to download.

Microsoft Store - EQTrace

You can then access EQTrace like any other Microsoft app by clicking the app icon on your desktop or launching it from the Windows 10 Start menu. The initial screen appears; simply click the Query magnifying glass icon to bring up the Query screen, enter your parameters, and retrieve the results.


Although there is no official version in the Google Play Store, you can install EQTrace on Android OS devices (like a Samsung Galaxy phone) by visiting the EQTrace web site at:

You will get a prompt to begin the download/installation process; clicking the EQTrace icon on your device launches the app:

To meet the PWA standard, I'm using Google Lighthouse to generate a site evaluation.

EuroWars (v0.1)

The EuroWars web App is currently under development in Version 0.